Top 4 Jewelry Trends for 2021

If you were wondering which jewelry was a perfect match to accentuate your summer outfit then look no further! This year brings a lot of changes and with the world slowly opening up, it is high time to celebrate life. Get your gemstones, crystals, shiny metals, and handmade jewelry out of the box, and prepare to rock this summer. Addicted2 has gathered designers' top 4 jewelry trends that will make this summer hot, hot, hot!

Gold Jewelry

1. Be Bold, Be Gold

Is there a better way to celebrate summer than wearing gold jewelry? - Definitely not. Whether this was a chain necklace, such as Addicted2 Gold Chain Necklace, to unique gold rhinestone ring, or a pair of trendy hoops, gold is the color that perfectly matches any summer outfit. This jewelry can easily take your outfit from day to night and it can be paired with smaller jewelry from your collection.

Pearl Jewelry

2. Pearl-ful

Old-time Hollywood chic is making a comeback this season. There is something special when it comes to pairing pearls with modern outfits and taking that look to a completely new level. Whether it was for a day or night, Addicted2 Leda earrings and Nebula ring will make you stand out in the crowd.

3. Bring the colors

Color, color, and more color! This summer's freshest trend is bringing back all the rainbow colors and it is here to stay. One amazing thing about colorful jewelry is that there is no wrong way to wear them and they light up the mood of everyone in the room. Get ready to mix and match pieces such as Serena ring and this stunning Chain Necklace.

Colorful Jewelry

4. Walk with nature

The charming and delicate details of nature are what makes summer unique. Whether it was to show our appreciation for the world around us or to make our outfits stand out, nature motifs make jewelry distinctive. Some wonderful pieces that pop out are Rea, Demeter, and Asia earrings - all designed and handcrafted in Italy. 

Elegant, chic, and unique with a sprinkle of playfulness is what makes these jewelry trends so addictive!