Two Bracelet Trends to Rock This Summer

With summer just around the corner, it is the right time to think about accessories and particularly - bracelets. They are a perfect accessory that matches with sleeveless shirts, peasant blouses, dresses, and most of all, it flawlessly emphasizes your manicured nails. Whether it was for a day or if you are ready to take the night, bracelets are easy to pair with other accessories and clothes. 
Because of these reasons we believe that bracelets need to be made with patience, care, and attention to detail. Each bracelet should be unique and ooze with beauty to compliment your entire outfit.
Having that in mind, we choose our materials carefully and work with the top craftsmen. Handmade jewelryhas become the symbol of the accessory industry. In our line of handmade jewelry, we celebrate and honor important women in Italian and Greek history by naming our creations after them. 

bracelet with rhinestones

Addicted2 - Bracelet with rhinestones

Soft and elegant, this bracelet is made for long summer days. It is covered with small rhinestones that lightly reflect the light. It suits strong and powerful women and highlights their strength.

We recommend pairing this bracelet with Calliope earrings. Calliope is the Greek muse of epic poetry and it is said that she was the inspiration for the famous Iliad and the Odyssey. For this reason, we chose to use Swarovski crystals all set by hand. These are completely handmade earrings by Italian craftsmen.

bracelet with swarovski stones

Bracelet with Swarovski stones

Elegant and opulent - the perfect words to match this strong and unique bracelet. Made with 100% Swarovski crystals and 100% galvanic metal, this bracelet is completely welded and set by hand. It accentuates elegant and simple outfits and elevates the beauty of every woman. 

To match this bracelet, we recommend subtle earrings such as Phoebe . These earrings are inspired by Titanide, daughter of Uranus and Gaea. It honors the moon and earth. Marked by a pearl color stone, these earrings are fully handmade. 

Feel free to browse all our handmade jewelry , and choose your inner goddess.