What Makes Handcrafted Jewelery So Special

When we look for different ways to transform our clothes, we usually find ourselves choosing handmade jewelry - and for good reason - because handmade jewelry has a special meaning, uniqueness or quality. However, most people don't understand the true value of jewelry handmade than those we find in retail stores or in mass production. For this reason, we wanted to analyze some of the most important characteristics of handcrafted jewellery.

Special Report

It all starts from an idea. While putting that idea on paper, turning it into something concrete, a designer creates a special relationship with that piece of jewelry. It takes time and effort, his creativity and his soul. This becomes a unique piece. While there are a few similar pieces in that collection, each one is distinctive and unique. Also, owning such a piece of jewelry gives you a sense of exclusivity because you won't find an identical one on anyone else.

Particular Commitment

When making jewelry, craftsmen pay special attention to the materials they use. Unlike mass production where you don't really know what material was used, with handcrafted jewelry you will always feel the strength, shape and mass of the fine materials. Before the piece is made it must be checked by the craftsmen and galvanized with a protective layer of zinc or suitable material. To add special meaning and detail, some jewelry is adorned with crystals (type) Swarovski or other precious stones.

Stay Unique

Craftsmen and designers draw inspiration from many different things. This means that emotion is essential in handmade jewelry. This sends a specific message and creates a special bond between the designer, the jewels and the person who wears them. Also, it can convey different meanings depending on people and how they connect with it.

Made With Love

By purchasing handmade jewelry we support our community. We help local artisans to become sustainable. Furthermore, each piece is imbued with love and made entirely by welding, sawing, or carving and shaping by hand, without the use of mass production machinery. This is important because each piece is unique and the craftsmen pay special attention to the details of each piece.

Although they cost a little more than mass-produced jewelry, i jewels crafts have become a trend all over the world. Pieces like earrings Flora It is Aphrodite, or the Teresa scarf they are the bearers of a unique message that can transform not only your dress, but also the way you feel about it.