5 Accessories Trends That Are Already Conquering Autumn 2021

The first rainy days have arrived and that means only one thing: keeping up with the trends in fall accessories. After a busy summer, between trips and outings, it's time to put away straw bags, ballet flats and beach hats. But this only leaves more room for autumn accessories, which know how to transform clothes with minimal effort.

The Fall / Winter 2021 shows have left us with an ocean of inspirations and trends that we simply adore. Whether it's building on the trends of summer 2021, or starting with some fresh ideas, the accessories scene is more imaginative and unique than ever. But don't worry, we're here to guide you through the hottest accessory trends from the catwalks and fashion magazines. 

1. Password: To exaggerate

Yes, autumn is here with a password: exaggerate. Oversized rims are still in trend, and they intend to stick around. Carefully curated, with striking or simple details, the rims are a perfect accessory for any occasion. Our preferences certainly include Concordia earrings - perfect circles for everyday occasions. They are discreet, yet they deliver a powerful message with an emphasis on simplicity and connection. For those looking for special occasion hoops, we love the Anuket Earrings that add grace to any look. Elegant and carefully handcrafted, these earrings were inspired by Anuket, the goddess of the Nile River, whose name means "she who embraces".


2. Buckle Return

This long-forgotten trend is back. Belts are back in fashion, but with a little novelty. Instead of completing your dress with a super thin belt or an oversized buckle, now it's all about the timeless style of an elegant buckle. We love this trend because it emphasizes a person's personal style and elegantly complements any outfit. The perfect example is the GG leather belt by Gucci that refreshes any look or can easily remodel any nighttime style!

3.A nice trophy 

No dress is complete without a perfect bag. If 2020 was all about matching bags and masks, this year's trend is to perfectly match your whole look to the bag. Even better if it's big! Carrier bags are an essential accessory for this autumn trend. They offer plenty of space without neglecting style. That's why we love the Dorotea bag which adds a perfect charm thanks to its leather rims and style. If the look you are looking for is more urban, we recommend this blue quilted bag Beatrice.

4. Wedges Made for Walking

Sneakers and flats belong to the past. This fall is all about comfortable, large wedges that emphasize power and class. Boots or sandals - wedges are a perfect way to stand out in the crowd and have all eyes on. They are the perfect choice for all autumn parties or late evening dinners. During the fall / winter 2021 fashion shows we fell in love with the shoes of Simone Rocha and gods Leather Sandals with Nadaleto Wedge

5. More Glamor 

Although scarves have been a summer favorite, silk scarves are still in trend for Autumn. They add just the right hint of chic while staying warm. There are numerous ways to combine a scarf with your dress, but we recommend a simple drape just like this, adding some muted fall colors. Our favorite colors definitely include these scarves Teresa And Aurora that highlight class and refinement. 


This year's autumn accessories trends undoubtedly offer a wide range of selections where anyone can find their own style and experiment. Surrounded by the colors of autumn, you can't go wrong with the addition of a little flair, whether in the form of oversized hoops, carry-all bags or simple and elegant silk scarves.