5 Iconic Looks and Accessories You Can Wear Today

Although fashion is constantly changing, there are some timeless pieces from which we all draw inspiration. Mainly because accessories make any outfit pop, whether it's a scarf, sunglasses or jewelry. For many celebrities, their accessories have become their trademark – from Coco Chanel's pearls, to Kelly's patch, to Princess Diana's crown.

So let's dive into these iconic looks and explore some timeless accessories!

1. Feel Like the Queen of England

Being a queen must be exhausting, especially when wearing a tiara. That's why, when Queen Elizabeth isn't on duty, she chooses one of the trendiest silk scarves of all time. Pair it masterfully with a green or khaki jacket for a comfortable and relaxed look.

Suitable for both summer and winter, the scarf Margherita it will make you feel like a queen. This colorful scarf will give you a bold look while remaining elegant and suitable for you.

5 Look e Accessori Iconici Che Puoi Indossare Oggi Margherita-scarf

2. Aim for the Circle

We all know that hoop earrings have been trending for a while now, but this trend comes from a pretty interesting celebrity. Back in the 90s Michael Jordan paired his single gold hoop earring with baggy suits, but even now that he's ditched the baggy clothes for a more professional look, the retired NBA player still rocks this iconic look!

If your style lacks a little Michael Jordan charm, then we suggest earrings Sekhmet. Carefully handcrafted with smaller circles, they beautifully highlight the connection between character and fashion.

5 Look e Accessori Iconici Che Puoi Indossare Oggi Sekhmet-Earrings

3. Back to the 90s

The 90s were marked by rapper Tupac and his iconic looks, the most famous of which is his red bandana. However, his collection of bandanas didn't stop at the red one. He owned a large variety of bandanas of different colors and matched them with different styles and outfits.

For your classic bandana-inspired look, we love the scarf Tiger whose bold and colorful patterns can match any outfit.

4. Jewels are a Woman's Best Friend

Famous for her love of all different gemstones, Elizabeth Taylor has introduced the world to the finest and most expensive jewelry collections. The look she is most famous for includes a Bulgari diamond and emerald necklace and earrings, a gift from Richard Burton.

Inspired by her love of jewelry and the fall weather, we highly recommend opting for pieces like the Artemis necklace, Earrings Diana O Calliope. These pieces are inspired by strong and powerful women and contain the desire to highlight the beauty of anyone who wears them.

5 Look e Accessori Iconici Che Puoi Indossare Oggi Diana Earrings

5. Timeless beauty

Coco Chanel is remembered as an icon of timeless fashion and beauty. Her iconic style featured pearl necklaces elegantly draped around her neck and this look became a symbol of elegance and poise.

Since every woman should feel the elegance and tenderness of Coco Chanel, we recommend the Aphrodite necklace which is specially designed with care to bring these feelings to life.

Through all the changes of the fashion, we still find ourselves looking at these celebrities and the inspiration we can draw from them. We can safely say that these iconic looks have stood the test of time and change, and have immensely influenced the way we perceive fashion.